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Education, Awards

· Secondary Education: Inverness Royal Academy, Scotland 1947-53

· Edinburgh College of Art: Design Diploma 1953-57

· Andrew Grant Major Scholarship: Studio for continuing study of murals and ceramics 1957-58

· Easter Scholarship: Study of murals and mosaics in Northern Italy 1957

· Andrew Grant Major Traveling Scholarship: Study of murals and ceramics in Mexico 1957-58
· Mural painting with Jose Gutierrez (inventor of Acrylic paint) at the Instituto Polytecnico in Mexico City1957-58

· Learned ceramic firing methods of the indigenous peoples of several regions 1957-58

· Permanent slide collection at the American Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York.

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Born as Morag Clyne in Aberdeenshire, Scotland 1936


Visited the major Archeological Sites in Mexico, and stayed in the Archeological Houses on site.

Studio in San Juan de Teotihuacan, Mexico


Durham University, Newcastle, England

Instructor of Ceramics at King's College Fine Arts Department in Durham University, Newcastle, England.


From left to right: Adrian, Callum, Simon, Jennifer and Andrew.

Married to the architect city planner Barry Benepe on 1963 and moved to the US.


Farmhouse in Washingtonville, NY


Studio loft at 22nd Street, NYC, photo by Vicky Azcoitia

During her years in NYC 1980-2019, Morag Benepe mastered the "Gutta Serti" method of painting on silk.

From 2009 to 2012, Morag also worked in the restoration of the habitat section of the Manhattan's Hudson River shore, as a volunteer of the program from the River Park Trust (link to the Habitat Garden photography).

After 40 years living in Chelsea, in 2019 Morag moved to a historic little red house with a studio in Rhinebeck NY.

Morag Benepe is an artist environmentally concerned who gets inspiration from nature and the natural environment. Her designs on silk are based on botanical studies.


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